Did He or Did He Not?

There has been a question that has been left unanswered for quite a while and now its high time we arrived at a conclusion. Recently a figure, very well known in our circles, has become a dubious one. All his glorious achievements have suddenly been clouded by a declaration ( which some of his friends believe is a very desperate attempt to attract attention) which he made about a fortnight ago. I talk of none other than Ashutosh Prasar, the’ A+ man’, who is better known as Ashu Bhai.
In spite of his allegedly desperate and rather sleazy behaviour there are certain facts that certainly deserve a mention. For those of you who do not know, Ashutosh is an outstanding engineering student. He has almost always achieved an A+ with occasional As which has rightly earned him the title of ’10 pointer’. However, Mr. Parasar has always tried to low-key his performance and does not like to be called one. On being asked about the secret to his success he simply replies ” I just believe in giving my best shot. The rest is up to my teachers and God”. Epitomising a perfect student is not his only claim to fame. The act of getting high on a concoction of alcoholic drinks, returning home topless, sleeping in his own vomit and attending classes with a hangover is yet another feather in his hat. However, alcohol does not affect his unsurpassed reasoning skills and it is believed that he proposed the historic equation “360 ml = 2xpi” after gulping 360 ml of whiskey (that’s what i think it was. If i am wrong please correct me.)
Anyway, some time back Mr Prasar made a rather controversial comment which has brought him into the lime light. If you have noticed Mr. Prasar has wounded his right hand. He claims that it happened when he dived to take a superb catch while playing a cricket match organized by Jupiter Networks (name changed). “Everyone was awestruck by my memorable performance.” he said. Ever since then Mr. Prasar has been basking in the glory of his self proclaimed achievement. However his friends believe that this injury happened after the match when he was trying to catch the bus. According to Prasar there are many people who bear witness to this fact. However they cannot be trusted as they are Mr. Prasar’s own colleagues.
So the question is ‘Did he or did he not take that catch?’ If yes, then he definitely deserves a pat on his back. If not, then he deserves to be banned from cricket for the rest of his life.

Image:  http://www.alphatoons.com.au/documents/cartoon-boy-web.gif


3 responses to “Did He or Did He Not?”

  1. Raunak Tibrewal says :

    >..very well written !!! 🙂 …but the truth behind the catch still remains a mystery!!

  2. Anoni says :

    >Your understated style of writing shows glimpses of minimalism which is so much in vogue in the current literary circles. Your use of plot devices like not revealing the name of the protagonist until the 10th line sparks interest. You sure have the talent to be a very successful writer. Keep up the good work!

  3. Neetisha says :

    >Good job!! A most interesting read!!! :DHowever, the mystery still remains as it is. Hope to see the truth hiding behind this cloud very soon… Come on Chhavi, let the cat out of the bag pleeeeeezz!!!!

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