Kiss of the Morning Sun…

Kiss of the Morning Sun

With diamond dew on my skin,

I breathe the chill of dawn.

The soft breeze whispers songs in my ears,

And I dance to the music they make.

But all the while I secretly wait

For the touch of life

For the warm caress

For the kiss of the morning sun.

(This picture was taken at 6:30 am when the sunlight just begins to kiss the land around my apartment)


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6 responses to “Kiss of the Morning Sun…”

  1. Bikram says :

    wowo look at that picture so green and the sunlight on leaves …
    beautiful lines lovely poem 🙂

  2. Chhavi says :

    Thank you Bikram… I have just started taking photographs…. hope it goes well…… I am glad you liked the poem…. keep visiting

  3. Saritha says :

    Wonderful click and welcome to the world of blogging……..

  4. Chhavi says :

    Thank you Saritha…. I am happy to know that you liked the photograph…. Keep visiting 🙂

  5. sm says :

    green with sun

  6. Chhavi says :

    Thanks you sm….. good to know you liked it…. 🙂

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