Young One…

If the scorching Sun casts its glare at you,

I’ll take you in my shade, Young One.

I’ll pamper, I’ll pray.

For every single ray of Sun,

That grazes your gentle skin,

My tear drop will roll down

And suck the heat away.

Under my wings you’ll breathe, Young One.

Until you grow,

Until you bloom,

Until you fly away.

(This picture was taken at a place called Shiva Samudram near Bangalore. The plant is called Lantana and consists of flowers made up of red, blue, orange, pink and yellow florets [1]. The placement of the flowers and the buds in this picture makes me think that a group of “grown up flowers” are protecting their young ones which are still in the bud stage.)

References: [1]



17 responses to “Young One…”

  1. Saritha says :

    Wow this pic brought back my childhood memories.We used to pluck the each other and such the nectar from it.

    Wonderful click 🙂

  2. Deboshree says :

    Aha I loved the way you interpreted the flower arrangement … lovely flower and indeed lovely poem. Well done! 😀

  3. Pixie says :

    wow!! The poem is lovely! 🙂
    I love poetry… but, simply can’t write poems! 😀

    And Shivanasamudram is a beuatiful place na? At least it was when I last visited it!! :mrgreen:
    Beautiful flowers…

  4. Neetisha says :

    A wonderful thought and a lovely verse 🙂

  5. Bikram says :

    Beautiful picture, and what a little poem you have written .. Excellent

  6. Swaram says :

    Lovely lines. And I have a similar pic somewhere on the blog 🙂
    Shivanasamudram is one of my most fav places 🙂

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