Keep it Real Baby…

A couple of  months back a TV channel announced the beginning of yet another Swayamvar season and I was reminded of those good old days when Rahul was struggling to find the perfect bride for himself on the show “Rahul Dulhaniyaa Le Jaaega”. While many regarded it as yet another cheap reality show I’ll have to admit that I liked it. And why shouldn’t I? What was there not to like? There was Rahul Mahajan, the ever so charming doolha with a receding hairline. There were pretty young women, all claiming to be hopelessly in love with Rahul. And, there was the entire television fraternity which seemed to have endorsed this marriage. The show was senseless, no doubt about that. However it was packed with all the mirch and masala that one could ask for and I watched it religiously, everyday. I watched as the girls danced, sang and cooked their way to Rahul’s heart who was obviously not capable of doing anything else except giving out an obnoxious laugh which felt like molten iron flowing down my auditory canal. In spite of that, I sat in front of the television at eight sharp with a plate of rasam chawal, devouring not only the food but also each and every moment of the show. Now, that the marriage is over and Rahul has found the ‘perfect’ dulhaniya for himself, I would like to present the whole concept of reality shows in an entirely new light.

Our nation’s critics have been so busy typecasting all reality shows as meaningless TV programmes, I am afraid they might have overlooked the wonders that they can do for our lives.

Big Boss- a reality show that recently invited the wrath of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.  This show aids in stress release by eliminating the need to apply one’s brain. Forget about attending Yoga classes or meditation sessions. Who needs to spend time and money on them when a bunch of not-so-famous personalities are there to take care of you for free?  Believe me, they leave no stones unturned to make you forget all your worries. So, watch out for the next season of Big Boss.

Axe Your Ex– this show, my friends, is an absolute ripper. I envy those minds that came up with the idea of mutilating a person’s image, chopping it up into tiny pieces and serving it on a sizzling hot platter on television. How often do you find a group of people who guide you through the entire process of “axing your ex” ?  This show provides a platform to all the heart broken gals and guys who are itching to take revenge from their ex-lovers.  If you fall in this category of people, this show is a must watch for you. Not only does it entertain you, but it also relaxes your mind because you don’t have to apply it at all. Moreover as you watch someone’s image being shred to pieces on national television your urge to bitch about your friends and colleagues is also satisfied.

Dare to Date- A show that has redefined the concept of blind dating. Contestants walk into this show in the hope of meeting an interesting someone only to find out that person is too interesting for them to date. What you get to see is a perfect mismatch- a petite Pune girl dating a Haryana da gabru jawaan. Everything that goes on between them on television forces you to appreciate your own spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend even more.

Roadies– what can I say about this one. Raghu and Rajeev, popularly known as the terror twins, with their no nonsense attitude and willingness to churn out one gaali after the other keep the viewers glued to their television screens. Gone are the days when individuals were appreciated for their grace and poise. Now, it’s cool to be rude and outspoken. As far as the participants are concerned, they are self proclaimed dudes and dudettes. Their conversations are nothing more than cacophonous vibrations in which they “beep” away to glory. After spending an entire day in office, exchanging polite words with your boss and colleagues, watching a group of people hurl verbal assaults at each other is always more than welcome.

Shaadi Teen Crore Ki- A reminder to all the orthodox Indians that a wedding is no longer one’s private affair in which close relatives and friends are involved.  A modern day wedding is an event in which the TV anchor plays a much more important role than your chahca and chachi. Television channels are benevolent enough to give you 3 crore to spend on your wedding, arrange fancy fashion designers to stitch your wedding dress and call Bollywood choreographers to teach you how to dance in the Ladies Sangeet.  Event managers have stepped into the shoes of your relatives; they take all the decisions for the wedding starting from the flower decoration to the number of tears the bride is supposed to shed at her bidaai.  You can definitely get some good ideas for your wedding by watching this show. And of course you will be well equipped to write a book titled “101 Ways to Drill a Hole in Your Parents’ Pockets” by the time this serial gets over.

So, have fun watching these shows and don’t forget to keep it real, baby !!!


7 responses to “Keep it Real Baby…”

  1. Deboshree says :

    A wonderful introduction to some priceless shows on the telly. 😀
    I must admit I am no reality TV buff but there’s something about Big Boss that Dad loves. It’s fun sitting with him and ripping it to shreds.. 😀

  2. Pixie says :

    ugh!! it’s terrible!!!

    I did enjoy Roadies once upon a time, but now.. can’t watch it anymore!! 😀
    I can’t watch any of these shows! and as for Swayamvar – less said is better!!
    I loved your take on his laugh though!! 😛

  3. Chhavi says :

    He he he…. Pixie, I can understand your sentiments dear. But you have to make an exception for Swayamwar… How often do you get to see such stuff ? he he he 😉

  4. Bikram says :

    I remember sitting with some family members and watching the big boss where this big woman went beserk and the language she used SHAMEFUL.. I was feeling ashamed sitting there SO i am sorry i dont like any of the indian serials or shows they take 100 episodes for a hero to turn his head …

    you can watch one and not see for a few months watch it , you know the whole story.
    here in uk there are serials which have been going for 35 – 40 odd years and U miss one you have t ogo to you tube to know what happened ..

  5. Chhavi says :

    Bikram!!!! Rule number one: Never watch these serials with your family members……. I can understand your condition at that time……. Its pretty embarrassing to have elders sitting around you when people start hurling verbal abuses at each other

    • Bikram says :

      YA i know .. well i have not subscribed to any indian channel here so phewwwwwwwwwww 🙂 lesson learnt that time when i had gone to india

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