My Baby’s Buzz…

My baby has stopped buzzing these days. Yes. I for the past few days he has been very silent and reticent. He does utter a syllable or two once in while. But that’s it. Nothing more. He lies next to me in the bed at night but does not speak a word. Our mornings have been equally boring and unromantic. And today, on a Friday evening, he has ignored me completely.  😦   No party invitation. No plans of hitting the pub. I finally decided to confront him. He was hiding under the blanket. I tapped him at various places. Well, he seemed fine. His face was lit up just the sun-kissed snow caps. Suddenly, I noticed an expression on his face that I knew very well. He was hiding something. He had something to tell. I tickled him in his spot and the following things came gushing out.

1. DM-Pantaloon: Rush to Pantaloons and get 20% off.

2.TD-HDFC Bank: Dear customer, you are just one step away from availing a personal loan.

3.57272: Today you may win cash upto 10000 or Nokia N8.

4.TD-redBus: Did you know you can book your bus ticket online?

5.AX-650002: Get full one month validity on RC59 recharge and special talk time too.

Huh! It was not my baby’s fault after all! My friends had stopped SMSing me. Only the above mentioned people did. 😦 I guess I need to teach all my friends a lesson or two. What do you think? 😦


8 responses to “My Baby’s Buzz…”

  1. Bikram says :

    🙂 he he he I was thinking what this BABY.. achanak kahan se pehle to suna nahin he heh e..

    Well if you want to read jokes and all i can send you loads i get tons ever day..

    and sure sure do teach your mates a lesson and do one thing you wantto have fun with a fone well i had writtne a post many many months ago have a read of that you might find some EVIL ways to get back at your friends

  2. Chatterbox says :

    Your subtle hints did tell me it was about your cell phone right in the start 😛
    A wonderful build up 😀
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend and nudging friends is always a good idea 😛

  3. Deboshree says :

    Ha ha ha I had an idea it was a cellphone you were baby-ing. But oh this was so cute! Too bad your friends aren’t reaching out to you via your baby. Maybe the teaching them a lesson idea isn’t bad after all. 😀

    • Chhavi says :

      Thanks Deboshree….. Ya I have to teach all of them a lesson……. 🙂 But everyone guessed that I was talking about my cellphone…. I’ll have to be more careful while writing such a piece next time

  4. Smita says :

    hahaha nice cute post! Isn’t the mob our lifeline? When it rings too much we have problems and when it doesn’t we feel dejected 😉

    • Chhavi says :

      You are correct Smita 🙂 It is our lifeline… I know I can’t live without my cellphone 🙂 It was nice hearing from you. Keep visitng 🙂

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