The Graveyard of Dreams…

I was born in a shack near a mosquito-infested canal. The first friends I made were mosquitoes. They are my bosom buddies and at a very young age I learnt how to spend my nights in their company. Their incessant drone sounds like music. It is the only form of music to which I have access.

There is plenty of water around me. Unlike the other water deprived slums, there is no dearth of it in my place. However it not the elixir of life. It was the very agent that poses a threat to my life. It is the breeding ground of different colourful insects, insects that gradually make their way into my intestines and make it their permanent abode. Needless to say, I am a very warm-hearted person. My doors are open to both man and insects alike.

The first lesson that life taught me was not to harbour any dreams. None. Never. It is easier. Less painful. One does not have to bear the agony of watching dreams being shred into little pieces which is later fed to the overlords of the world to satisfy their insatiable greed. Even if I commit the blunder of visualizing a better future, the anguish of those around prompts me to kill my dreams before it is too late; before they ripenen and become sweet enough to covet. Mine is an area where people defecate and urinate their dreams and it is the stench of these decaying dreams that fills up the entire atmosphere.

I still live here with my bosom buddies, surrounded by filth and squalor. I still breathe the air that carries with it the stink of murdered dreams. However, somewhere in my heart there is a tiny light that makes me hope that one day these dreams will be resurrected.


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15 responses to “The Graveyard of Dreams…”

  1. Chatterbox says :

    Very intense and moving 😦
    Your words brought out some of the stark realities of the people who live in the slums and the lives they lead.

    • Chhavi says :

      Yes CB…. It is a pity that people have to live like this 😦 There is a group of people that lives in shanty shacks close to my place. Every time I look at them I feel horrible 😦

  2. Bikram says :

    Oh .. I wish and pray that nobody has to live like that.. God willing one day fingers crossed if only our govt are not so selfish filling there own coffers.

    some day one day … lets pray and do what we can to help them ..

  3. sm says :

    this is the story of Majority Indians.
    very well written.
    agree with first friendship well said.

  4. Kailash says :

    Hi Chhavi,
    I love the way you have express the feeling of person who is living in slum area’s.Your words are force me to read the whole blog, love it.
    Thanks for share.


  5. Destination Infinity says :

    I was expecting him to participate in a KBC contest and win a crore of rupees – but those things happen only in movies! I do wish that politicos do something about this! I had a very positive experience in Coimbatore where, it seems, slums were totally eradicated and people have at least a small hut to live in, in a relatively healthy area. I didn’t see any slums there as long as I stayed there at least.

    Destination Infinity

    • Chhavi says :

      It’s good to know that you had a positive experience in Coimbatore, Destination Infinity. I wish people all over our country could lead a healthy life. And as far as our politicians are concerned, the least that they can do is not make the situation worse.

  6. wanderlustathome says :

    Losing one’s dreams is the worst that can happen to anyone, isn’t it? But I like that optimistic end.

    • Chhavi says :

      Yes.. it is the worst thing that can happen to a person 😦
      I had to end the post on an optimistic note, WL. I believe that there is still hope 🙂

  7. Deboshree says :

    The imagery you have built is stunning. Easily one of your best works. Keep it up Chhavi! 😀

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