Photo Frame…

A silent photo frame,

In which promises abound.

A memory lost in the labyrinth of time,

A smile hidden in the lost years,

A tear soaked in a silent hour,

Everything can be found.

A silent photo frame,

In which voices resound.

A laughter that echoes in mountains vast,

A whisper that utters a  silent prayer,

A song that makes the lovers dance,

Everything can be found.


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11 responses to “Photo Frame…”

  1. Swaram says :

    Beautiful words penned down there 🙂
    And that’s such an artistic frame 🙂

  2. Destination Infinity says :

    Everything can be found indeed – but in the photos! Its time they brought a digital photo frame where we can upload digital photos directly and flip them with a button…

    Destination Infinity

    • Chhavi says :

      Of course… However, when I look at an empty photo frame lying somewhere in my house I always feel that they hold out the promise of taking me down the memory lane…. I start thinking of an appropriate photograph and in doing so all the memories are revived 😀

    • Chatterbox says :

      They actually exist DI and I simply adore them 😀 😀

  3. Chatterbox says :

    Beautifully written 😀

  4. Bikram says :

    very nice .. life has become such that I am trying to put new photos in the old frames now that had so much life and for reason died a early death ..
    fingers crossed life will be fun again


    • Chhavi says :

      Bikram, you seem to be having a rough time these days… Don’t worry…. I am sure you’ll have loads of good memories (in the form of new photographs) to adorn your photo frame in the times to come. So, cheer up 😀

  5. Deboshree says :

    So very sweet that was Chhavi! 😀
    I loved how you made the frame come alive… and indeed, there’s nothing like a picture or a tune to light up the mind. Wonderful.

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