The Union…

Seasons have flown away,

And he waits with wishful eyes,

Gazing at the ashen skies,

Each moment of each day.


She lingers in a misty cage,

Between the heaven and earth,

Trying to free her stifled mirth,

Which roars in steaming rage.


Voila! She finds the door ajar,

And out she comes with glee,

Now she can almost see,

Her love, which once seemed so far.


The rain drop gently hits the soil,

And caresses his parched face,

Glued by a tight embrace,

Passion begins to boil.


Light cracks in heaven above,

The sky in wonder shouts,

The first blade of green grass sprouts,

And consummates their love.


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23 responses to “The Union…”

  1. Destination Infinity says :

    The penultimate paragraph was too good. Nice poem.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Mattie J. says :

    I love the metaphor. Truly beautiful, thanks so much for sharing ^_^

  3. Bikram says :

    oooooooooohhhh Romance wah ji wah …

    beautiful light poem loved it , wish everyone get a life tlike that ..

    lovely words even a dumbo like me understood them .. thank you ..

    • Chhavi says :

      🙂 Haanji Romance…. the weather is so romantic these days….. 😉

      Thanks for liking the poem, Bikram.
      C’mon… You are not a dumbo. Don’t say that 🙂

  4. Chatterbox says :

    Beautiful poetic notes brimming with love 😀
    Loved it!!

  5. Punam J R says :

    And consummates their love……
    wow! Chhavi, that is really touching. Beautifully written.

  6. ajay says :

    It brimeth with love. 😀 A nice and fitting ode to rain. Beautiful! Please read my take on rain too here. 😀

  7. madeleine sara says :

    Brilliant last line. :O)

  8. Pepper says :

    Very beautiful 🙂

  9. Deboshree says :

    Really beautiful poem Chhavi. 😀
    I could visualize the anticipation of rain – the clouds, the winds and the dark… and of course, the eventual consummation as you call it. Very well versed! 😀

  10. Novroz says :

    Lovely poem.

    I don’t know if you know about this site or not, it is called Creative Writing Ink. They give us pictures and then we create short story or poem. I Think you should join too.

    I can’t copy-paste the link here because I am using my mobile, I can only copy the link to my introductory page of the site

    Do join us…the merrier the better 🙂

  11. Pixie says :

    Sighhh!!! how very lovely!! 🙂 🙂

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