Bangalore Traffic Blues…

The traffic is moving at a reasonably good pace and you are sitting in the bus, thanking God for the millionth time for the mercy he has bestowed upon you today- giving you the opportunity to sit on one of those cushiony little things. You look at a person standing in the aisle, sandwiched between two others, exchanging sweat, perfume and what not. The sight grosses you out and you squirm in disgust. The person turns towards you and kick starts a telepathic conversation. You know he is cursing you and you turn your gaze away.

The driver speeds up and before you know it the bus begins to sway past all the puny cars and autorickshas like a Batmobile. They seem like insignificant worms crawling on the road. You watch their owners drive them in fear. “Ha… You might own a shining Merc, pal. But no one can beat the King of the Road.”  Gripped with a sense of complacency you sit back and relax.

Suddenly Batman decides to come to a halt when the traffic lights turn red and the bus, racing at a whooping 70km/hr stops in a matter of seconds. You are thrown forward; your head hits the seat in front of you. You suspect a minor crack in your skull and perhaps a broken spine as well but you beam from ear to ear. The sheer bliss of sitting comfortably on a seat is indemnifying.

Your eyes fall on the traffic around you. While the car drivers push their vehicles in any nook and corner they find empty a few bikers, probably the descendants of Einstein, think a little out of the box. They haul their bikes on the footpath, flash an impish grin at the car drivers and zoom away. “The pedestrians can go to hell”, you think, “It’s high time the humans learnt how to fly.” 

The traffic light turns green and a deafening noise pervades the surrounding. The honking game begins. The rules are pretty simple. If the vehicle in front of you stays put for a few millisecond you honk and you honk so loud that the entire humanity turns deaf for a a moment or two. Fearing permanent damage, you cover your ears with your hands.

The bus lurches forward and halts at your stop. You get off in the hope of catching a breath of fresh air. But Batman decides to bid adieu  by blowing a puff of hot, toxic gases straight into your face. “Didn’t I get a facial done yesterday?”, you think as you walk towards your office. “Well, they say that activated carbon is good for the skin. Why waste seventy bucks on a stupid Ponds facewash when one can get this carbon free of cost.”

You walk briskly towards your workstation. After all, your grumpy boss is waiting for you in his cubicle and the power point presentation is still battling its way towards completion. But you smile. “After braving the Bangalore traffic I can surely handle my boss”, you think.


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13 responses to “Bangalore Traffic Blues…”

  1. Bikram says :

    I know I was there .. and the horns all over .. But i enjoyed .. i nearly got run over at one of the places was watiing for traffic to stop but it never did 🙂

    Hope you got the PP presentation all working 🙂 I did not ride the bus though but auto’s were fun tooo

    • Chhavi says :

      Yes Bikram.. the presentation is working just fine 🙂 🙂 I am surprised that you enjoyed it. It gives me headache 😦 😦 Even I have escaped being run over quite a few times. Now I take my own sweet time to cross the road 🙂

  2. Destination Infinity says :

    Even after the introduction of so many multi-KM flyovers and one-ways, the traffic just doesn’t come down? I guess its time to fight back by introducing telecommuting by the companies themselves… And is that activated carbon thing true? If it is, ponds will find it very difficult….. 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • Chhavi says :

      Ha ha ha…According to the researches at Ponds activated carbon is good for the skin. I am just banking on the information they have provided 😉 😉
      Well, with so many new companies cropping up like mushrooms the number of vehicles on the road has increased manifold.

  3. Pixie says :

    what a perfect description of Blore traffic!! 😛

    I loved it! and it makes me miss it more!! Sigh.. I’m hopeless, aren’t I?! 😀

    I used to brave traffic like that for a 1-way travel of 28 kms everyday!! 😀

  4. Deboshree says :

    Wonderfully written as always Chavvi…
    The deplorable condition of traffic notwithstanding, the situation has given you so many plusses. Grit and courage and face-washes for instance. Be happy. 😀

  5. maverickshree says :

    Bad traffic is the reality of almost every big city of our country….better part of B’lore is , it has very good public transportation which encourages ppl to NOt take vehicles out for longer distance

    • Chhavi says :

      I completely agree with you Maverickshree. Almost all the big cities of our country face the same problem. The public transport system in Bangalore is excellent. But sadly the traffic condition is deplorable. The buses are jam packed during the office hours. I hope the condition improves after the Metro is in place

  6. Punam J R says :

    And where is my comment?? I remember having commented here, Chhaviiiii!!! My words disappeared in the traffic smoke I guess (or ur spam???) 😦

  7. theburntmap says :

    been there! faced it! now, read it too!! good one!!

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