The Charm of Christmas…

My Brother: Di! I have hung my stocking on the bedpost. Where is yours?

Me: Mine is on the handle of the bathroom door!

This was a conversation we had every Christmas. My brother and I. It was a ritual actually. And we always had it when mom  was in the vicinity. We were young and quite stupid but we weren’t stupid enough to believe that Santa would manifest out of the clouds, come riding on his sleigh, slip down our chimney (something that our house didn’t even possess) and place delightful little things in our stockings. We knew it was mom who played Santa each year. We just knew it.

Every year we would jump out of our beds and grab our stockings which were always filled with gifts of our choice- chocolates, candies,  Barbie dolls, G I Joe figures and what not. One Christmas morning we found that our stockings were empty. Crestfallen and a little miffed we went down to the kitchen and started nibbling on aaloo parathas. “What happened?”, asked mom. “Santa didn’t give us presents this year”, mumbled my brother, trying to keep his tears from rolling down. “Aww… When the gifts are very big he places them under the pillow. Just go and check”, said mom as she winked at us. No sooner did she say that than we ran towards our bedroom and hurled the pillows to the other end of the room. And there they were, two large boxes packed in red and golden wrapping paper.

Christmas eve was always spent decorating a giant pine tree which stood gloriously in our courtyard. Dad is extremely fond plants; actually his love for plants borders on insanity. Needless to say that a pine tree was procured promptly and placed in our courtyard when we asked for it. Its glistening leaves covered with twinkling lights, cotton-wool snow flakes and tiny match-box presents looked so enchanting that we couldn’t take our eyes off it.

My younger brother would dress up as Santa albeit a tiny and skinny  one and distribute sweets in our colony. Grandpa would set up a small bonfire and we would spend the evening eating cake, sipping on piping hot tomato soup and playing dumb charades and antakshari. 

We have stopped doing it now. Perhaps the entire exercise has become a tad too childish for our liking. Or may be we just don’t have the  time. But Christmas still brings out the child in me. Yesterday when we stopped at the signal I saw a peddler selling Santa caps and I couldn’t stop myself from buying one. As we moved ahead the Christmas decorations on the shops and malls flashed by and the childhood memories came trickling back. The tune of “Rudolf, the red nosed rein-deer” started playing in the mind and I chuckled. I guess no matter how old you become, the charm of Christmas always remains.


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13 responses to “The Charm of Christmas…”

  1. Destination Infinity says :

    I tried it once – I wrote a huge list of things and kept it in the front door so that it would be easy for Santa to just drop the gifts via the grill gate. Next day morning when I checked……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….it was obviously empty! 🙂
    From that year I became wise – I stopped wasting the ink in my pen 😛

    Destination Infinity

  2. Bikram says :

    Yess Christmas os fun time. I have loads of memories .. We dis not celebrate at home bit in hostel and all it was fun.

    Here in uk its is fun lota to eat and drink he he e I guess toys dont interest me now food does…..

  3. Punam J R says :

    Annd yes, Chhavi.. it does.. although for me, the charm of Christmas is quite new.. I have justtt arrived!!! I mean.. 🙂 Well.. u know.. Love u.. Merry Christmas and take care! See u soon.

  4. sm says :

    Merry Christmas

  5. Pixie says :

    Merry Christmas!! 😀

  6. Deboshree says :

    Beautiful beautiful post Chhavi! I love the way the page looks and love the customs you talked of. I can never grow too old to celebrate them all. Hope you had a super Christmas! 😀

  7. Saritha says :

    I do the same thing and my kids think santa is giving gifts to them.Will do till they realise that there is not santa.

    Merry Christmas and very happy new year Chhavi.

  8. Nova says :

    Wow! This is so cool 🙂 Hope you had a merry christmas 🙂

  9. Deboshree says :

    Where are you Chhavi? Its been ages since I heard from you. Come back soon!

  10. Punam J R says :

    Annnd you have been tagged. 🙂 I have done your tag too – finally. Do check it out.

  11. wanderlustathome says :

    Where did you disappear to?

  12. Bikramjit Singh Mann says :

    Hey HO where are you and how are you its been LONGggg time

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