I am an erratic, confused twenty three year old girl who tries to make sense of everything around her. I love the rains, the flowers, silent oceans with moon kissed shores.  I like to observe people and read their minds. Ice creams, cotton candies, chocolates make my mouth salivate. I smile when I look at old couples walking in the park. I freak out when the neighbour’s dog pounces at me. I work in an office from eight to five. But after that, I look at the world around me and pen my thoughts down.

In my posts I’ll try to pour my heart out. My thoughts will flow incessantly like ink from a broken nib. I’ll share with you little snippets of my life, my job; tell you stories about the noisy person who lives in the room above mine, the good people whom I know and also the bad ones. At times I’ll express my thoughts through rhyming verses, sometimes blank. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy being a part of my life, my thoughts, my blog.

So,   Welcome to my blog!   😀


12 responses to “About”

  1. Harsha K N says :

    Hey, didn’t know u had blog!! just read the “about” page, it is awesome 🙂 from this I extrapolate that all your posts are just as poetic, feel good reads !

  2. Harsha K N says :

    Of course , im already in love with your writing 🙂 keep treating all with exciting reads. Very much inspired by about me page of yours, im also planning to tell my readers more about me 🙂

  3. Swaram says :

    Can relate with u on so many points Chhavi 🙂

  4. Deboshree says :

    We could be twins Chhavi. 😀
    I love the way you write!

    • Chhavi says :

      Thanks Deboshree 🙂 🙂 “Twins Unite on a Blogging Site”. That would make a lovely plot for a Bollywood movie 🙂 Wouldn’t it ?? 😉

  5. ajay says :

    I like the way you write. Beautiful! 🙂

  6. introspeak says :

    Beautifully written. Wishing you a wonderful journey ahead. You may be able to make sense of everything eventually. But never stop looking at this enigma with wonder-filled eyes, and joyful heart, and a loving smile. This Sunlit ship of an earth, and the stars strewn across in the open sky, the gentle waves kissing the shoreline, making their soft whispers. There is always wonder to behold.

    • Chhavi says :

      You are absolutely right, introspeak. There is always wonder to behold. You have worded your thoughts beautifully. Thank you so much for stopping by, 🙂

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