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God’s Own Colour…

God's own colour

Gleaming emeralds

On a delicate new bride.

The fragile leaves that waltz

To the music of the wind.

The verdant plains

Where lovers dance.

Feline eyes

That pierce the darkest nights.

Sea weeds that sway

In the beds of the oceans vast.

Charmed toads

That pine for the royal kiss.

Mystic jade

That can cast a spell.

Oasis in the sands.

Hope of life.

A colour that soothes our hearts, our eyes.

An artist’s muse

A farmer’s delight.

Indeed it is the Colour of God…

[Picture of a plant outside my new apartment. It is so delightfully green. I just couldn’t stop myself from writing a poem]


Behind those Doors…




Oh! What awaits me behind those doors?

Behind those walls?

Inside the treasure chests?

I am looking for them

With curious eyes.

And when I find them,

I hope golden dreams will be showered on me.

[Picture of a bunch of keys that I found in my new apartment. I am still looking for the locks which they open. ]

Young One…

If the scorching Sun casts its glare at you,

I’ll take you in my shade, Young One.

I’ll pamper, I’ll pray.

For every single ray of Sun,

That grazes your gentle skin,

My tear drop will roll down

And suck the heat away.

Under my wings you’ll breathe, Young One.

Until you grow,

Until you bloom,

Until you fly away.

(This picture was taken at a place called Shiva Samudram near Bangalore. The plant is called Lantana and consists of flowers made up of red, blue, orange, pink and yellow florets [1]. The placement of the flowers and the buds in this picture makes me think that a group of “grown up flowers” are protecting their young ones which are still in the bud stage.)

References: [1]

Kiss of the Morning Sun…

Kiss of the Morning Sun

With diamond dew on my skin,

I breathe the chill of dawn.

The soft breeze whispers songs in my ears,

And I dance to the music they make.

But all the while I secretly wait

For the touch of life

For the warm caress

For the kiss of the morning sun.

(This picture was taken at 6:30 am when the sunlight just begins to kiss the land around my apartment)