Name Please

Many of you might be perturbed by the name of my blog. “Unnamed”. I chose this name for two reasons. Firstly, naming someone, be it a blog or a baby freaks me out a little bit. I think the task of christening something is an onerous one and I have chosen not to undertake it. Secondly, I am too fickle minded and things that I like today fail to amuse me after some time. So, if any one of you has a suggestion, please let me know 😀


9 responses to “Name Please”

  1. Vinay says :

    Well, your name means Reflections, right? 🙂 and that’s what you are doing here too.. reflecting your thoughts.. so how about that for a name? “Reflections”.

    • Chhavi says :

      Thank you so much for your suggestion, Vinay. I like name very much and it did come to my mind…. But when I searched on the internet I found a couple of blogs which had the same name. So, I decided not to go with it 😦 I think all good names have already been taken 😦

  2. Vinay says :

    LOL 😀 ok.. then how about “Ethereal Reflections”? since your works are of a light nature?

    • Chhavi says :

      Hmmm…. The reader might expect my work to be very light and delicate after reading the title. Very often I write articles which are not exactly light and pleasant 😦

  3. Swaram says :

    I luv ur name 🙂

  4. Chatterbox says :

    Your blog url is “the broken nib” which says a lot about your passion for writing, why don’t you name your blog the same too??
    Having the blog name closer to your url makes it easier for the readers to remember the blog cause of it’s close association each time they see the link anywhere 😀 😀

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