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Straight from a Blogger’s Mouth…

About a year ago, when my satellite was launched into the blogosphere, I was completely ignorant of the huge responsibility I was undertaking. A few words of appreciation were received from friends. Encouragement was showered by relatives and loved ones. Some mouse clicks were made and within five minutes a blog account was created. I typed my first post, adorned it with beautiful pictures, clicked on the “publish” button and gave a licence to every netizen to explore the little niche that I had carved for myself on the world-wide web. But the satellite had to keep revolving; posts had to be published periodically to lure fellow bloggers. And it was here that I experienced some difficulty.

The nature of my job doesn’t really help when it comes to cooking up lip smacking stories. Nothing interesting happens in the mundane life of a software engineer who is holed up in an air-conditioned cabin for nine hours in a day. As a result very often I am at the mercy of unknown pedestrians, various elements of nature and members of the animal kingdom to give me some inspiration to write.

It’s quite frustrating at times. I sit in front of my laptop but the words turn hostile and refuse to cooperate with me. I find myself pitted against an army of words that attacks me with full force and ensures that I surrender. On such occasions I resort to boot licking and flattery because I know that I have to make my peace with them.

The amateur writer in me also has a tough time searching for alien domains which might leave the readers delighted. Our earth is several million years old and right from dinosaurs to the modern-day dudes very little has been spared by our super inquisitive writers. Under such circumstances I often encroach upon people’s private space to come up with something new. The desperate writer in me is willing to go to restricted places to gather fodder for the curious cow that resides in my devious mind.

The other day I was sitting in the bus, engrossed in a romantic novel, when my gaze fell on a young couple. Both of them were sitting with their fingers entwined and the smiles on their faces suggested that they were very much in love. Unknowingly I started spinning a story that revolved around them. It was a wicked thing to do. I tried to gather my thoughts and concentrate on the fictional characters but they kept crawling back to those two. After a while I realized I would never want snippets of my personal life being published on some nosy stranger’s blog. I pulled the reins immediately and brought the wild stallion under control.

I guess all bloggers go through these rough patches at times but I am not very sure.  If you have any comments to offer please feel free to do so. And don’t forget to share your blogging experience with me. The curious cow in my mind is very eager to know.  😀