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Spoons, Pens and What Not…

I sit in my balcony, with a Nicholas Sparks in my hand. A steaming hot cup of coffee is placed on the  side table. Gentle breeze caresses my face; the jasmine tree in the neighbour’s compound sends out a sweet fragrance which treats my senses. The protagonist of the novel takes his lover in his arms and wipes away the tears from her cheeks. He is about to plant a kiss on her lips and my heart goes awww.  Just then, at that precise moment, some irritating soul rings the doorbell. I curse him  for having done so, grab a spoon which is lying on the side table, place it between the pages and rush to open the door.

Spoon? Yes. A spoon.That serves as my bookmark. I can be quite innovative when it comes to remembering the page at which I have left a particular novel. I know for a fact that I cannot rely on my memory as it is lesser than useless when it comes to remembering anything. I have difficulty remembering the names of all my relatives, people whom I have known for ages. As far as using a conventional book mark is concerned, I am too careless to keep it safely and too lazy to buy or make a new one when the previous one gets lost. I can’t remember the last time a used a traditional bookmark with “Books are your Best Friends” or “Scorpions are determined, passionate and obstinate” printed across it. I was probably in the 6th standard when I used it. So, now I use my improvised bookmarks (basically things that are placed at an arm’s length). Cheap, easy to use and readily available. 🙂

What else do I use? Here’s the list.

Pens: One can always find a pen lying around. I think it one of the most obvious things one can use.

Bus Tickets: Well, I take a bus to work everyday. I almost always have a bus ticket in my jeans pockets. All I need to do is dig my hands inside.

Money: I often place a 10 or 20 rupee note between the pages. The next time I open my book these hidden treasures give me a pleasant surprise.  🙂

Room Keys: An  inconvenient choice I must say. I often spend hours looking for my keys afterwards.

Earrings: It might be hard for many of you to assimilate this news, but I did use one of my earrings on one occasion. I was wearing only one earring for the remaining part of the day  Trendy, isn’t it?

Pendrives: My very own digital bookmarks. 🙂

Boarding Passes: “Recycle paper, reuse your boarding passes”.

Kajal Pencils/Combs/Lipsticks/Goggles/Bracelets: Who says that these are nothing but fashion accessories?

Chocolate Bars: Now you know the secret to my ever-increasing weight. 🙂

Spectacles: The mark of a true bibliophile. “If I can’t look at my books I won’t look at anything else” 🙂

These were some of my rather unusual bookmarks. Do tell me about the peculiar things you use. 🙂