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Rants of a Seven Year Old….

Each day when I open my eyes,

And look at the nosey sunrise,

Mom forces me to pray, otherwise,

I get a smack on my head.

But is God really that good?

Like Peter Pan and Robin Hood?

Does he do what he really should?

I have my serious doubts.

The other day I went out to play,

In the fields where sunflowers sway,

Just then he hit me with a spray,

The dude was really mean!

First he paints his flowers red,

That seem so happy and well fed.

But then he makes them brown and dead.

The guy is so confused!

Don’t you think God is one of us?

Just a slob like one of us,

Just a stranger on the bus,

Trying to make his way home.

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After All, Tomorrow is Another Day…

Linda sat with her husband, Victor, at the dinner table and cast a glance at him

from the corner of her eye. Her eyes became narrower as she tried suppress the storm that was raging inside her since morning. She gently patted her forehead with the napkin to wipe off the tiny beads of sweat that formed on her temples again and again despite the temperature of the room being just fine. She forced her lips to arc into a smile lest her pale, deathly face alarm her husband. Her excitement was unfathomable. She took a deep breath to calm herself down worried that her pounding heart would give away the secret that it had so faithfully guarded for such a long time.

Victor sat at the dinner table with the confidence of a man who was aware of what he wanted from the world and knew how to get it. His dark black hair were neatly combed back to reveal a face that always wore a formidable expression that forced his peers to fear him. His immaculate dressing sense had always earned him a soft spot in every woman’s heart in town. The smell of success and prosperity oozed from every cell on his skin. It was a smell that made his well wishers proud and his enemies, nauseated.

Victor looked up from his plate and smiled at his wife. “Darling, will you please refill my glass with wine?”

Linda took the glass silently and went to the bar with that smell still lingering in her nostrils. Her mind was in a state of chaos. If only she had loved him more, if only he hadn’t been so rich, if only he hadn’t signed the will the previous week she would have let him stay alive. Her hands quivered as she fished a vial of poison from her pockets and emptied it into her husband’s drink.

Victor took a sip of the wine and smiled at his wife. “Darling, it has been a long time since we last met grandma. Do you want to pay her a visit tomorrow?”

“Tommorow!”, Linda exclaimed. A malicious glow spread across her face. “We’ll see, Honey, we’ll see. After all, tomorrow is another day”.

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