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Rants of a Seven Year Old….

Each day when I open my eyes,

And look at the nosey sunrise,

Mom forces me to pray, otherwise,

I get a smack on my head.

But is God really that good?

Like Peter Pan and Robin Hood?

Does he do what he really should?

I have my serious doubts.

The other day I went out to play,

In the fields where sunflowers sway,

Just then he hit me with a spray,

The dude was really mean!

First he paints his flowers red,

That seem so happy and well fed.

But then he makes them brown and dead.

The guy is so confused!

Don’t you think God is one of us?

Just a slob like one of us,

Just a stranger on the bus,

Trying to make his way home.

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Grown Up…

I was standing outside the Millennium Mall* waiting for my friend to arrive. The sun rays were piercing my skin and I was beginning to get impatient. As I was scanning the entire place hoping that she would spring out from some corner, my eyes well on an old couple. Judging by their white hair I guessed they must have been in their sixties. The lady had a youthful smile on her face. There were fine lines around her eyes but they still had a childlike twinkle. The gentleman looked absolutely adorable in his shirt and checked pants that were held in place with the help of leather galluses.

The couple stepped onto the pavement and prepared to cross the road. As the gentleman put his right foot forward the lady grabbed his hand and snapped ” Be careful! You must look both ways before crossing the road”. He freed his hand and replied angrily ” Stop being so fussy. I am a grown up. I am no longer a child.” He crossed his arms and stared at his wife. His face bore the look of a child who had just been denied a chocolate bar.

A warm smile spread across my face. For a moment I forgot about my friend and the scorching sun.

* Name Changed

[ Based on an incident narrated by one of my friends]