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Can Delhi Belly Give You an Upset Stomach?

I saw an old couple standing near the door with their fingers entwined. Both of them, with their snow-white hair and wrinkled skin, were very charming in an unpretentious way. Under normal circumstances I would have definitely said “Awww, cho chweet” or ” Look, they are so cute” but the words that escaped my mouth were “Oh F**k, what on earth are they doing over here?” And before some of you decide to banish me from the blogosphere or make plans to burn a digital image of mine on the internet let me tell you that the circumstances were not that normal. The place where I saw them was a multiplex and the movie that they were planning to watch was Delhi Belly. I sincerely hope that the children and grandchildren of that couple had given them a prep talk or at least warned them before hand otherwise those good old folks were in for some serious cultural shock.

Now, that I have watched this movie and joined the elite group of, what shall I say, “progressive and futuristic movie goers”  😉 😉  (or ” perverted and shameless movie goers” as some of you might call it 🙂 ), I would like to share with you a thing or two about this film.

So, what is Delhi Belly?

It is, without the shadow of a doubt, the most crass, outspoken and bold “partly Hindi partly English” movie which I have seen in my entire life. It has reconfirmed my belief that Hindi cinema is gradually steering towards the unclean shores that had been neglected by the film makers so far. The actors have punctuated their dialogues with every Hindi expletive that can be found in the urban lexicon and if this movie were ever to be aired on national TV, the number of “beeps” in each sentence will most likely out number all the remaining words. This movie comes as a shock to most of the viewers. There are scenes that will make your eyes blink or may be even pop out because what happens on the screen is extremely obscene and vulgar. The shamelessness and vulgarity notwithstanding, the movie has its humourous moments that will surely make you laugh.

…and the story?

Well, there is nothing great about the story. Any script writer would probably churn out this story within minutes. Imran Khan’s friend wrongly delivers a box containing stool samples instead of the one containing smuggled diamonds to the gangsters. In the process of solving the whole diamond conundrum, the gangsters reach Imran Khan’s house and it is then that the three guys find themselves in deep trouble.

The movie does have songs, right? 

Oh yeah! Absolutely. However there is not time allotted to the actors and actresses to display their dancing skills on the screen. Most of the songs are played as background tracks. “Bhaag Bhaag D.K.  Bose”   has become a nationwide rage. I won’t be surprised if a few Bengali Babus named D.K. Bose opt for rechristening because from now onward D.K. Bose will probably become a well known euphemism for you know what. Gone are the days when the heartbroken lover used to sing sad, emotional songs in the memory of his lady love. The twenty first century dude prefers “Ja chudail Ja”. And of course there is “Switty” , the hot and happening babe, whose “pyaar” is wanted by one and all. And if these songs are not good enough for you, Amir Khan, the hirsute hunk, places a cherry on the cake at the end of the movie when he dances to the beats of “I hate you” and recreates the magic Mithun Chakraborty used to create in his heydays.

In a nutshell…

… you get to see a generation of men and women, or should I say, guys and gals who have absolutely no qualms about telling the world that they take pride in being a brazen lot.

Is the movie unnecessarily hyped?

I can’t answer that question for you. Go and watch the movie to find out what the hullabaloo is all about.  😉 😀

A word of caution…

This is not a “first date” movie. This is definitely not a movie one can watch with one’s parents.

And, coming back to the question stated in the title of this post –

“Can Delhi Belly give you an upset stomach?”

The answer is yes- if you go inside expecting seven courses of delicate French food because the chef de cuisine of this restaurant has spicy, juicy and succulent tandoori chicken and mutton biryani lined up for you.  😉