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Adventures in Time Land…

The artist is Caralee(~leeface) on deviantArt

She started twirling in a luminous tunnel replete with blinding rays, glowing stars and colourful lights but devoid of anything human or tangible, observing the different facets of the unknown space, wondering if she had suddenly gone loony for a moment or two. There were too many scenes rushing before of her eyes, moving too fast for her to think coherently. The stars, the rays and the colours kept revolving until she became unconscious and slipped into a deep sleep.

When Melanie opened her eyes she found herself surrounded by thick mist. She blinked her eyes and tried to look around but the fog restricted her vision. She scratched her head and began to think. ” Was I not in Grandma’s kitchen feasting on milkshake and piping hot scones? What happened then?…Umm…I think I saw a bright light near the table clock…..”. Her train of thoughts was interrupted when misty curtain began to lift and started revealing all the objects it had been guarding until then. She strained her eyes and what she saw made her eyes grow bigger and bigger until there came a point when they couldn’t grow any more.

Right in front of her stood a strange creature, short and a little stout, with furry ears and a flat nose. His fingers and toes were pointed. He scrutinized Melanie carefully. It seemed he was trying to solve a puzzle. Suddenly his lips widened into a smile suggesting he had figured out what the problem was.  “Aaaaaah Young Miss. Me sees what has happened. It must be one of the li’l ones. The old ones do not make such mistakes.”

Melanie gaped. ” Young ones? Little ones? Mistake?”

“Oh! My apologies, Young Miss. Me almost forgot. Me is Bob. Me welcomes you to Time Land. Please allow me to show you around”. He began to march forward and asked her to follow.

She blinked her eyes. “Time Land? Where on Earth is that supposed to be”. Her heart starting racing. Nevertheless, she mustered all the courage she had and started following him.

They began treading a narrow path surrounded by gigantic plants on either side with strange objects hanging on their branches. A close inspection revealed that these objects were oddly shaped clocks and wrist watches. The path was covered with magical dust which changed its colour every second accompanied with a ticking sound. Occasionally a waft of cold air blew from somewhere and made the hair on her hand stiff enough to balance tiny pebbles on their tips. After a while the path began to widen and soon they reached a large field full of queer looking beings.

Melanie’s eyebrows became a little crooked lending a perplexed expression to her face.

“Oh Young Miss. Me sees that you are confused. All our visitors are. But don’t you worry. I’ll explain. This is Time Land and all the people you see are responsible for making time Move. We have been into this business right from the inception of life on earth and ever since then we have worked relentlessly. We also control all the clocks in your world . The batteries merely give them strength. It is us who make them work.” He pointed towards a group of people working in tandem.”These, Young Miss, are the old ones. As I told you they never make mistakes. Good chaps Me must say. Too weak to move about. We generally give them the responsibility of the Hour. And there”, he pointed towards a group of adolescents, “they are in charge of the Minute. Good and steady workers. But look at them”, he said, pointing towards a group of tiny, bizarre looking folks, “they control the Second. Oh! Young Miss, they are a mischievous lot. Very difficult to manage. Just keep frolicking about. We ask them to move in one direction but they wouldn’t listen. Once in a while they move backward and that opens the door from your land to ours.” 

Melanie was baffled.

“You look scared. But fear not. It has happened before. Long back a dinosaur had fallen down that tunnel. He was so huge. Me had a real tough time sending him back. And then there was this once time when a cave man had slipped into our land. He was dumbstruck. But I guess he was in the process of discovering new things…” 

Slowly her fear subsided and a grin appeared on her face. “Time Land! So, I’ll have my very own Fairytale. My own!” Her face lit up and she jumped with joy. She was ready to find out what that strange land had to offer.


Please think of this piece as an excerpt.  🙂

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