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Adventures in Time Land…

The artist is Caralee(~leeface) on deviantArt

She started twirling in a luminous tunnel replete with blinding rays, glowing stars and colourful lights but devoid of anything human or tangible, observing the different facets of the unknown space, wondering if she had suddenly gone loony for a moment or two. There were too many scenes rushing before of her eyes, moving too fast for her to think coherently. The stars, the rays and the colours kept revolving until she became unconscious and slipped into a deep sleep.

When Melanie opened her eyes she found herself surrounded by thick mist. She blinked her eyes and tried to look around but the fog restricted her vision. She scratched her head and began to think. ” Was I not in Grandma’s kitchen feasting on milkshake and piping hot scones? What happened then?…Umm…I think I saw a bright light near the table clock…..”. Her train of thoughts was interrupted when misty curtain began to lift and started revealing all the objects it had been guarding until then. She strained her eyes and what she saw made her eyes grow bigger and bigger until there came a point when they couldn’t grow any more.

Right in front of her stood a strange creature, short and a little stout, with furry ears and a flat nose. His fingers and toes were pointed. He scrutinized Melanie carefully. It seemed he was trying to solve a puzzle. Suddenly his lips widened into a smile suggesting he had figured out what the problem was.  “Aaaaaah Young Miss. Me sees what has happened. It must be one of the li’l ones. The old ones do not make such mistakes.”

Melanie gaped. ” Young ones? Little ones? Mistake?”

“Oh! My apologies, Young Miss. Me almost forgot. Me is Bob. Me welcomes you to Time Land. Please allow me to show you around”. He began to march forward and asked her to follow.

She blinked her eyes. “Time Land? Where on Earth is that supposed to be”. Her heart starting racing. Nevertheless, she mustered all the courage she had and started following him.

They began treading a narrow path surrounded by gigantic plants on either side with strange objects hanging on their branches. A close inspection revealed that these objects were oddly shaped clocks and wrist watches. The path was covered with magical dust which changed its colour every second accompanied with a ticking sound. Occasionally a waft of cold air blew from somewhere and made the hair on her hand stiff enough to balance tiny pebbles on their tips. After a while the path began to widen and soon they reached a large field full of queer looking beings.

Melanie’s eyebrows became a little crooked lending a perplexed expression to her face.

“Oh Young Miss. Me sees that you are confused. All our visitors are. But don’t you worry. I’ll explain. This is Time Land and all the people you see are responsible for making time Move. We have been into this business right from the inception of life on earth and ever since then we have worked relentlessly. We also control all the clocks in your world . The batteries merely give them strength. It is us who make them work.” He pointed towards a group of people working in tandem.”These, Young Miss, are the old ones. As I told you they never make mistakes. Good chaps Me must say. Too weak to move about. We generally give them the responsibility of the Hour. And there”, he pointed towards a group of adolescents, “they are in charge of the Minute. Good and steady workers. But look at them”, he said, pointing towards a group of tiny, bizarre looking folks, “they control the Second. Oh! Young Miss, they are a mischievous lot. Very difficult to manage. Just keep frolicking about. We ask them to move in one direction but they wouldn’t listen. Once in a while they move backward and that opens the door from your land to ours.” 

Melanie was baffled.

“You look scared. But fear not. It has happened before. Long back a dinosaur had fallen down that tunnel. He was so huge. Me had a real tough time sending him back. And then there was this once time when a cave man had slipped into our land. He was dumbstruck. But I guess he was in the process of discovering new things…” 

Slowly her fear subsided and a grin appeared on her face. “Time Land! So, I’ll have my very own Fairytale. My own!” Her face lit up and she jumped with joy. She was ready to find out what that strange land had to offer.


Please think of this piece as an excerpt.  🙂

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The Irony…

The artist is ~Brutalster on deviantArt

Sheila boarded the bus hurriedly and sat down on the window seat. She glanced at her watch. It was past 11 o’clock. ” Damn! These late night meetings have made my life miserable. I’ll quit this stupid job one of these coming days.” She dug her hand into her purse and after making its way past a plethora of useless things ( old bus tickets, an empty key chain, lipsticks, used tissue papers, chocolate wrappers etc) it finally touched her iPod. “Arrgh… this goddamn purse needs to be cleaned. I never find the things I need on time”. After searching the purse frenziedly for money to buy the bus ticket she finally settled down and plugged the earphones in her ears. The mellifluous voice of Celine Dion trickled down her auditory canal and soaked all her stress away. Sheila peered out of the window and a waft of cool and crisp night air brushed against her face. All her worries were forgotten. She sank into her seat and started humming the tune of her favourite song.

Suddenly her eyes fell on an old man who was sitting across her. There was something eerie about him that made Sheila shiver. His face was like a stone; cold, hard and expressionless. It was a face that would never reveal the sinister thoughts brewing inside his mind. His lips were pursed, struggling to prevent words from seeping out. The disheveled, grey hair on his forehead lent an unfriendly air to his exterior. But it were his eyes that troubled Sheila the most. They were extremely still like the ocean on a calm and silent night. They seemed like the heralds of a violent storm. She had never seen such intimidating eyes before. She took a deep breath and shifted her gaze from the old man to the scene outside, determined not to look at him anymore.

Sheila tried to prevent her eyes from wandering in his direction but in vain. His eyes had a certain hypnotic quality which forced her to look into them. She fished a worn out copy of a novel from her purse and buried her face in it. However, the fictional characters failed to divert her mind. She looked at him again. His eyes were fixed at her. They did not move. Not even a little bit. He seemed like a tiger who was carefully observing the movements of its prey before pouncing on it.“Calm down”, she said to herself, “just calm down. There is no need to panic. You are not alone. Your co-passengers will surely help you”. Her confidence plummeted when she scanned the entire bus and found that it was empty.

The old man continued to stare at her. She was terrified. Her legs started wobbling like jelly. The muscles in her abdomen tightened and she broke into a light sweat. The thought of sitting an arm’s length away from a man who could be a murderer, rapist or a psychopath was not at all comforting. “ Just think, Sheila, just think! He should not catch you off guard. Be prepared”. She tried to gather her thoughts and devise a plan that would prevent her from getting harmed. “ I can get off the bus at the next stop….No no… It’s very late…. Should I give him a piece of my mind?…. He might react….. Should I …….?” Her thoughts were interrupted by the ticket collector’s voice, ” Avenue Street”. She was a little relieved. “Only one more stop to go.“, she thought.

Just then the old man put his hand in his bag. Sheila noticed a small cylindrical bulge that resembled the muzzle of a gun. Her heart skipped a beat. She was about to raise an alarm when the old man stood up. He pulled out a blind man’s folding cane from his bag and straightened it.   The bus screeched to a halt and the ticket collector guided him to the door. He got off and slowly vanished into the darkness of the night.

Sheila sat in her place, stunned. “He was not looking at me! He was not looking at anything!” She felt guilty for having jumped to a conclusion without reasoning. She looked out of the window and felt the cool wind on her face. Numerous thoughts raced through her mind. Suddenly a smile spread across her face. ” … and it were his eyes that scared me the most. That’s ironical”.

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A Murderer’s Monologue…

The artist is ~hidlight at DeviantArt

I love the sweet smell of smoke as it lingers near my nose preventing any other smell from entering my body. It’s feathery touch on my skin is so exhilarating, almost orgasmic, like hands of an invisible goddess that caress my body and my soul. The whimsical patterns it forms in the air blind me. The rest of the world becomes invisible. I can’t see the smile on people’s faces, I can’t see their grotesque expressions as they scream and shout, begging me not to kill them. I guess it’s this goddamn smoke that helps me kill people with such ease.

Yes. I kill. I kill for a living. As a child I never thought I would grow up to become a murderer. But here I am, the henchman of the biggest don in the city.

Today I stand at the very same place where my family was murdered fifteen years back. It seems only yesterday when a mob of religious fanatics, incensed by a provocative comment that a religious leader had made, ran up these staircase and slaughtered my family like butchers. I was right there, hiding under the cot and watching a scene that settled in my mind as indelible memories.

Having satisfied their thirst for blood those bastards went away, leaving behind a room in which my loved ones rested with their eyes wide open and their throats cut. The floor was damp with their blood and my tears. The eerie silence that hung in the air after the bedlam made me sick. I stood there nonplussed.

I had survived, but only to skid on the blood of my kin and fall into the world of crime from which there was no coming back.

At the moment I am waiting for my accomplice. He’ll hand me a gun with a bullet that has an unlucky soul’s name written on it. And after that… one more life will be taken.

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After All, Tomorrow is Another Day…

Linda sat with her husband, Victor, at the dinner table and cast a glance at him

from the corner of her eye. Her eyes became narrower as she tried suppress the storm that was raging inside her since morning. She gently patted her forehead with the napkin to wipe off the tiny beads of sweat that formed on her temples again and again despite the temperature of the room being just fine. She forced her lips to arc into a smile lest her pale, deathly face alarm her husband. Her excitement was unfathomable. She took a deep breath to calm herself down worried that her pounding heart would give away the secret that it had so faithfully guarded for such a long time.

Victor sat at the dinner table with the confidence of a man who was aware of what he wanted from the world and knew how to get it. His dark black hair were neatly combed back to reveal a face that always wore a formidable expression that forced his peers to fear him. His immaculate dressing sense had always earned him a soft spot in every woman’s heart in town. The smell of success and prosperity oozed from every cell on his skin. It was a smell that made his well wishers proud and his enemies, nauseated.

Victor looked up from his plate and smiled at his wife. “Darling, will you please refill my glass with wine?”

Linda took the glass silently and went to the bar with that smell still lingering in her nostrils. Her mind was in a state of chaos. If only she had loved him more, if only he hadn’t been so rich, if only he hadn’t signed the will the previous week she would have let him stay alive. Her hands quivered as she fished a vial of poison from her pockets and emptied it into her husband’s drink.

Victor took a sip of the wine and smiled at his wife. “Darling, it has been a long time since we last met grandma. Do you want to pay her a visit tomorrow?”

“Tommorow!”, Linda exclaimed. A malicious glow spread across her face. “We’ll see, Honey, we’ll see. After all, tomorrow is another day”.

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Breaking the Silence of the Night…

It was a splendid full moon night and I lay on the sandy beach with my eyes fixed at the gleaming stars, trying to look at the galaxies that lived beyond our skies. He was there, right next to me, gazing at those tiny twinkling dots that kindled the entire scene.  And with us there was the silence of the night.

It was an unusual night. The sea was calm. The silence resonated in the vast space that lay ahead. It made every breath that we took sound like tiny volcanic eruptions.  The Gods seemed to have hushed the waves. They silently knocked at our feet and went away. Not a word said. Not a greeting exchanged. Were they trying to say something? I could not tell.

The shameless moon was staring brazenly at us. I wished it wasn’t there. Once in a while a wandering cloud came to our rescue. But, almost immediately the moon popped out, putting an end to my fugacious relief.

We lay there with our fingers entwined. My heart was gradually tip-toeing towards his. Slowly, he let my hand go and my gaze shifted from the sky to his eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They always told me that he loved me. Their deep blue reminded me of the ocean. But today his eyes were different. He had a secret. I knew it. I could tell by looking at his face.

Suddenly I felt a metallic object touch my finger. My heartbeat became erratic. The tip of my ears started burning. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I continued to look at his face. Slowly, his lips parted and broke the silence of the night. ” Darling, will you marry me?”

I remained quiet. My silence had given him the answer.  Warm tears filled my eyes.  He lifted my hand gently and kissed it.