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The Frozen Canvas…

The artist is Martinez(~Pierrick) on deviantArt

I stood in the crowded cafeteria and gazed at her silent face. She hadn’t spoken anything in the last five minutes and her silence was beginning test my patience. My question was fairly straightforward and given our three year long relationship it wasn’t very difficult to answer. Nevertheless I allowed her to take her own time.

Her rubicund lips finally parted. They formed an oval and out came the two syllables, slowly, one after the other, each one taking an eternity to enter my ears and settle down. Then they formed an inseparable bond and gradually the word “no” began to ring in my ears. It echoed over and over again until my cognitive processes finally deduced that my proposal had received a heartless “no”.

The world around me froze and I found myself trapped in a canvas from which there was no escape. Everything began to sink in the background pushing a white, colourless, frozen mass to the fore which was devoid of colour and life. Warmth started seeping out of my body leaving a cold trail behind which caused blood in my veins to freeze. I could feel the heat making its way towards the tips of my fingers and toes from where it just leaped out into a space that was unknown to me. All the other people in the room ceased to exist. I couldn’t see them anymore. Where were they? Buried under the disappointment that surrounded me? Or had they melted due to the heat that had just escaped my body? I did not know and to be honest I did not care.

I looked at her for the last time. Her auburn hair were more fiery than ever before. Her face was glowing, radiating nonchalance and indifference. Colour had drained from her lips and cheeks and for all I knew she was a mannequin or a wax figure blissfully ignorant of human emotions.

I turned and started walking away from her, from all the promises she had made and kisses that we had shared. I felt a cold draught above my head that brought back all the memories we had painted together. I tried to spin an impervious shield around myself, but in vain.

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