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It Happened to Me …

There I was, standing in front of the mirror, gazing at my oh so charming reflection and running my fingers down my tresses [ 😉 ] when it caught my eye. Yes! Right then! At that precise moment! And then the world around me froze. My clock skipped a second and my heart skipped a beat. The moment had finally come when I had to face the truth. The laws of nature were not going to change for me, nor were the planets going to deviate from their path. It stood out, like a comet shooting across the darkness of the sky, like the silver line that surrounds every cloud- yes Ladies and Gentlemen, there it was- my first grey hair.

Now, this happens to everyone. It was nothing to get worried about. It is an inevitable and natural phenomenon caused by the loss of pigmentation. Notwithstanding such a reasonable explanation, I was petrified. Was it supposed to happen so early? I guessed not. Was I growing old? I hoped not. I stood there and wondered- how could something so diminutive, just a strand of hair which was barely a couple of micrometres in diameter and had changed its colour a little bit, have such a massive impact on my mind.

I started thinking of a plausible explanation. Maybe I could attribute the greying of my hair to the lack of proper hair care. I remembered how my mother used to pour oodles of hair oil onto my scalp and how much I resented it. As a child I always tried to escape those horrendous oil massages or any other hair care sessions for that matter. It was quite possible that my carelessness and resentment eventuated in the greying of my hair. Then I thought a little more. Maybe I was jumping to a conclusion. Maybe improper hair care was not the reason. May be, my grey hair was a manifestation of all the wisdom and knowledge that I had acquired over the years. “Why not?”, I asked myself. That thought was justifiable. My life had indeed undergone a phenomenal change over the past one year. Gone were the days when I used frolic in school or bunk classes in college. Now I was battling the real world, dealing with people who were unknown to me so far, trying to learn their ways and most importantly  trying to carve a niche for myself.

That thought was quite comforting. Yes. That was the correct explanation. It had to be. And then, that grey hair, which gave me a panic attack some time back, seemed acceptable. I looked at the mirror. It appeared like a string of diamonds embellishing my hair. I tied my hair into a neat ponytail making no attempt to hide it.

So, I am happy to announce that now I am the proud owner of a grey hair. I congratulate all the people who already have one. For those who don’t, I’ll pray that you get one soon 😉
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