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Oh! Patrick, Can you Hear the Rain Fall?

I’ve seen so many Fridays on a dry April night,

When through the verdant mesh,

Moonlight filters, pure and bright.

It flirts with the night lilies,

Plants a kiss that lends a sheen.

The silent, somber oaks.

Get a hue that’s so pristine. 

But today the sinful clouds,

Have formed patches, large and small,

Oh! Patrick, Can you hear the rain fall?

Even the neighbours’ children who play their raucous game

Have mellowed down.

Do you know whom should we blame?

The old couple next door,

That hears the radio soliloquize

Seems to talk to the diamond drops.

Their comrades in a liquid guise.

The infant that lives upstairs,

Competes with nature with her bawl.

Oh! Patrick, can you hear the rain fall? 

All animals that reposed under the star-lit sky.

Have been banished from their shelter.

Need we wonder why?

The home-ward bound canorous birds, 

Don’t sing their soothing note.

But the agile and jocund toads,

With pride and glory, bloat.

The tiny,  short-lived insects,

Seem to love their frenzied crawl.

Oh! Patrick, can you hear the rain fall?