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Breaking the Silence of the Night…

It was a splendid full moon night and I lay on the sandy beach with my eyes fixed at the gleaming stars, trying to look at the galaxies that lived beyond our skies. He was there, right next to me, gazing at those tiny twinkling dots that kindled the entire scene.  And with us there was the silence of the night.

It was an unusual night. The sea was calm. The silence resonated in the vast space that lay ahead. It made every breath that we took sound like tiny volcanic eruptions.  The Gods seemed to have hushed the waves. They silently knocked at our feet and went away. Not a word said. Not a greeting exchanged. Were they trying to say something? I could not tell.

The shameless moon was staring brazenly at us. I wished it wasn’t there. Once in a while a wandering cloud came to our rescue. But, almost immediately the moon popped out, putting an end to my fugacious relief.

We lay there with our fingers entwined. My heart was gradually tip-toeing towards his. Slowly, he let my hand go and my gaze shifted from the sky to his eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. They always told me that he loved me. Their deep blue reminded me of the ocean. But today his eyes were different. He had a secret. I knew it. I could tell by looking at his face.

Suddenly I felt a metallic object touch my finger. My heartbeat became erratic. The tip of my ears started burning. Butterflies started fluttering in my stomach. I continued to look at his face. Slowly, his lips parted and broke the silence of the night. ” Darling, will you marry me?”

I remained quiet. My silence had given him the answer.  Warm tears filled my eyes.  He lifted my hand gently and kissed it.