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Wavering Sunsets…

I stare at the vast piece of eternity,
And wonder.
How many million Suns
have traversed that path.
How many beams
have gilded the mountain peaks?
How many hands have moulded
that ever changing scene.
That scene which we call
The Sunset.

Sometimes, its an artists masterpiece
Painted with beautiful strokes,
With colours that rhyme.
A creation so sublime.
A feeling so profound.
When silence does resound.
A scene that transcends beauty.
A poet’s sonnet.
A symphony.

However, the next day,
The sky is smeared with blood.
Crass, outspoken, bold.
A little bit of purple, a little bit of gold.
There’s anarchy in space.
Of calm there is no trace.
A fight between the Lords.
A psychic’s chaotic thoughts.
A battlefield.

There is the perpetual Sun,
Breathing fire.
With larceny in Its heart,
Which tears the scene apart,
And steals the myriad shades.
Every single hue.
Crimson, yellow, orange,
Violet and azure.
And takes them with It.
Down It goes,
Behind It leaves a trail.
Making way for Night.
A Night so young and frail,
Which takes you in your arms.
And makes you want to dream.

Image: http://www.fileguru.com/